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Simplifying the leasing process to help your business thrive.

Finding an office properly matched to your business can be a time-absorbing task. Triangle Commercial Realtors helps you find your dream space without the hassle. Our team networks heavily within the community to gain access to the best properties in the area. 

We allow our clients to focus on their business without concern while our team negotiates a deal suitable to the tennant and the landlord. 

Real estate space intended for different uses (medical offices vs clothing stores etc.) have different zoning laws which affect the type of lease applicable. At Triangle Commercial Real Estate we pride ourselves on being up to date on the latest zoning laws and leasing options. From triple net to modified gross to full-service leases, our team finds you the best value for your business.

Step 1

Commercial zoning laws control the type of activity a business can offer within a particular space. There are 8-12 different commercial zonings and each municipality and county has their own zoning rules and regulations that are spelled out in their UDO or LDO.

Step 2

Landlords need to understand the health and viability of the business or individual. This can be 2 years of tax returns or P&L statements.

Step 3

Letter of intent. This is a non-binding agreement which is not enforceable. It outlines the terms of the deal and sets a timeline to execute a binding lease.

Step 4

This is a binding contract that is secured by a deposit and the first month's rent.

Lease Listings

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