Investment Properties

Investment Properties

Who you invest with matters.

Investing in commercial real estate is a rewarding step towards gaining future wealth and security. There is often a higher earning potential with commercial properties however a great deal of knowledge is required in order to pick the correct category and class that is best suited to your goals.

Several factors go into the worth of a property including the type of space based on its function as well as the subtypes broken down into classes. Furthermore, investments are based on a CAP rate (Capital Rate), referring to how much money the property earns after expense as a percent. The CAP rate is determined by factors such as the strength of a tenant, the length of a lease, the lease structure, and the location.

Triangle Real Estate brokers can help you purchase a suitable property and walk you through your leasing and financing options. Our specialized knowledge can help you find a marketable space where you can manage and retain future clients as you further your career as a real estate investor.

Step 1
This is the biggest hurdle in owning commercial. So finding a good commercial lender is key to evaluateing your options of SBA (504 or 7a) and continual loans.
Step 2

After finding the right property, you submit an offer in the form of an LOI (Letter of Intent). This is a non-binding agreement outlining the main terms of the purchase agreement.

Step 3

Once the LOI is agreed to, you begin working towards the PSA (Purchase and Sales Agreement). This is a binding agreement that comes with an earnest money to show good faith.

Step 4

This period is for checking the major systems of the property to make sure they are in working order. If there is a condo association with the property, this is the time to investigate the health of the association and the money in reserves.